Planet Enforcer

4.6 ( 736 ratings )
Games Arcade
Developer: daryl smith

Planet Enforcer -- defender of the Inner planets
The year is 2115, your planet has been overrun with alien life forms, they are intent on destroying all life and making your planet their own.
It is your task as the Enforcer, to become defender of the Inner planets; take control of your ship, engage them in combat and succeed in the liberation of your planet.
Protect your Humanoids at all costs.
The alien life forms come in many guises, watch out, the grabbers will try to liberate your humanoids.
The alien landing craft will explode into a myriad of high velocity shells instantly ripping through your ships hull.
Other aliens will lock onto your ship without mercy, there is no escape you must destroy them or say hello to annihilation.
Destroy the grabbers with your subsonic laser, capture and land the falling humanoid for extra bonus points.
Progressing through waves brings bigger scores and a more aggressive enemy.
A space shooter with a progressive gameplay.
Wave after wave of aliens will try stop you in your mission, good luck !